Pictures from Antibes

So we are in the Antibes for the day. On the way back from Cannes (and a lovely lunch – check out the review here), we decided to stop and admire view of this beautiful city on the Riviera.

The Antibes is where the Duke and Duchess of Windsor stayed during their exile from England. It fact it is alleged that when the Duke heard that Hitler had invaded Poland and Great Britain had declared war on Germany, his response was to go for a swim in the waters of the Antibes.

Which is reflective of this place. Its a place of escape from the harsh realities of the world, a place of solitude – its pure and pristine beauty. Cobblestone paths, tiny streets, litte cafes and bars, stony houses on rocky cliffs overlooking the sea.

Its not glamorous like Monte Carlo or Cannes, it has an understated beauty and charm. Its place where you go if you don’t want to be found, a place of rest and hidden beauty. I can understand why the Duke of Windsor, Shipping magnates and even Roman Abramovich stay here… its so beautiful, yet a little more secluded than the rest of the Riviera.

Here are some little pictures of the visit.

IMG_20140801_155554_hdr IMG_20140801_160131 IMG_20140801_160340 IMG_20140801_160825 IMG_20140801_160845 IMG_20140801_161348_hdr IMG_20140801_161811_hdr IMG_20140801_162006_hdr IMG_20140801_162108_hdr IMG_20140801_162215_hdr IMG_20140801_162250_hdr IMG_20140801_162331_hdr IMG_20140801_162553_hdr IMG_20140801_164532_hdr

 Oh and there is an old saying of mine…. Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder (it really does and it makes you forget things too!). Anyway, I found this cute little Absinthe Bar in the middle of the market.

IMG_20140801_161548 IMG_20140801_161555

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