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My final day in Western Australia – a relaxing two week break comes to an end. Time with family & friends, fresh seafood, juicy roasts, a NYE party at Nedlands Yacht Club and fine dining by the beach comes to end. It’s sad… why do good things come to an end 🙁

So on my final day I decide to make the trek to Opus Restaurant in West Perth. The restaurant escaped my attention on my previous visits. I was told about the exquisite food from a friend. She spoke reasonably fondly about the place – so I decide to take her advice.

We arrive at the restaurant and it resembles an old fashion cabin with a wine cellar which would rival some of the world’s best restaurants. I am blown away by the choice and the stacked bottles of premium vintages held against the walls.


We are seated and receive the menus and wine list. I select a beautiful bottle of wine, the sommelier arrives several minutes later (after searching the vast wine cellar) to tell me they have run out of the wine. Heartbroken, I proceed to select a bottle of Gaja Sito Moresco Rosso Langhe (2006) from Piedmont (from the north-western corner of the Italian Peninsula). I am poured a taste and the flavours of the wine is simply amazing. Medium-bodied but powerful, with velvety tannins, and very ripe fruit which balanced the acidity.


Then we are provided with little Amuse Bouche to start – a lamb roll wrapped in eggplant. It’s divine – simply amazing.


I start with the trout which is smoked on a hot stone and plated at the table on a bed of wakame seaweed with some radish, sesame and basil. It’s amazing – soft succulent trout which just melts in your mouth, balanced with the distinct salty flavour of the seaweed.

IMG_13878833 IMG_13878836

Scallops with Pumpkin and Orange Purée Pumpkin Seeds, Ginger Veloute – which I am told is amazing.


And the Braised Chicken with Potato Gnocchi, Truffle and Burnt Milk Crisp – which also receives the nod of approval.


We then proceed to the mains. I have the Margaret River Venison Loin with Smoked Yoghurt, Blackberries, Carrots and Granola. The presentation is flawless! Juicy and tender slices of venison arranged beautifully on the plate with three types of carrots, puree, blackberries which provide sweetness to offset the tangy flavours. The smoked yogurt adds some balance to the gamey venison meat and the granola adds sweetness and texture to the dish. There is a venison meatball with garnish in the middle (see if you can spot it) which is soft and juicy and reminds you that simple items can be used to make a dish extra special. I am struggling to find a single criticism of the dish (which is frustrating as a food critic) – it’s got it all, taste, presentation, texture, variety of flavours and creativity.


The other main course is the Pan Fried Red Emperor with Asparagus on Toast, Crab, Pine Nuts and Warm Citrus Mayonnaise – the feedback is the portions were large and the dish was exquisite – amazing feedback from palates of discriminating taste.


Then for dessert we have the Assiette of Dessert for Two. It has the following:

  • Blueberry and Vanilla Tart Lemon Curd Ice Cream – Tang of the lemon with the sweetness of the vanilla is amazing
  • Hot Chocolate Soufflé Honeycomb and Banana cream – You cant go wrong with soufflé! The richness of the chocolate is paired with sweet honeycomb and distinct banana cream
  • Spiced Pear Tart Tatin Vanilla Ice Cream – I just loved the sweet juicy poached pairs which form a little dance on the tongue which combined with the flaky tart base.


It’s an amazing experience, the wine, the food, the service, ambience and décor. You can’t go wrong – it’s the ideal venue for a dinner for all occasions. I just love Western Australia – it really is an amazing state!

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