Oceanographic Museum (Monte Carlo)



Now I don’t normally post pictures about marine life, but I have moved away from the staples of food, wine and airplanes just for this one… I have to say that this museum is amazing and deserves a little write-up on this own.

The museum was set up as one of the previous Princes of Monaco (Albert I) had a keen interest in oceanography and built this beautiful museum on the cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The perfect location!


Given I know so little about sea life (until it becomes an item on my dinner plate), I will show you some pictures of the main attractions and not embarrass myself by trying to remember the exact species in each of the photos. If I do, I’ll make a note of it. Enjoy.


Its Blue Every WhereIMG_20140731_114553_hdr

The GroperIMG_20140731_114638_hdr


I think its flounder… but they are the camouflage expertsIMG_20140731_114758_hdr

I think these are mix of sea bream and some other fish…IMG_20140731_115039


Squid – with no salt or pepper IMG_20140731_115516

European Lobster – I actually kinda felt bad eating his friend the other day (check out my review of La Vigie – here)IMG_20140731_115742

Fishes and Beautiful Coral IMG_20140731_115927

Zebra Sharks IMG_20140731_120324

Real Colourful thingys (have absolutely no idea)IMG_20140731_120404


Upside Down JellyfishIMG_20140731_120442

Baby Sea Horses IMG_20140731_120631

Nemo…. not sure if that its scientific name, but lets go with that!IMG_20140731_120916

Whale Exhibits

The whale exhibit looks amazing….

Main HallIMG_20140731_122947


Range of stuffed animals and antiquated – looks really cool… I have dreams about having a study room filled with these. Why?, well for no particular reason whatsoever!


I loved this skeleton of a Walrus – I so need one for my living room

Walrus IMG_20140731_122406

This painting took my fancy… not sure if its of Monte Carlo, but it looks so amazing…


I am not sure how they preserve these fish… but this Stingray all looks pretty cool

Stingray IMG_20140731_122727

Then there are these shark jaws…. I already had a real aversion to swimming in the ocean, so yeah this kinda doesn’t help that…

Shark JawsIMG_20140731_122905

Tortoise Enclosure

There are these beautiful tortoises on the roof of the museum which move at a super slow pace, so you can just enjoy watching them.

TortoisesIMG_20140731_123928 IMG_20140731_123934 IMG_20140731_124021

View from the Roof Top

The roof top view is so spectacular, its worth the visit just to gaze at the beauty of the French Riviera. I just love it…

IMG_20140731_123416  IMG_20140731_123447 IMG_20140731_123700 IMG_20140731_124130 IMG_20140731_131856 IMG_20140731_132403 IMG_20140731_132452