Northbridge Chinese Restaurant

I had a lovely Yum Cha lunch when I was in Perth. Northbridge Chinese Restaurant as the name indicates is based in Northbridge and does a wonderful Yum Cha. The dishes we tried are shown below – I have put a brief tasting note next to each but haven’t gone into too much detail, as Yum Cha is best tried by experience.

Note there is a quite queue on weekends so get there well before 12pm if you want to avoid waiting! 

Yum Cha

Radish Cakes


These are lovely. They have crispness on the outside with a moist, smooth but “fluffy grainy” texture on the inside with a very mild taste.   

Spare Ribs


The jelly like meat is beautiful with the rich oils and lovely soft tissue from around the ribs providing a unique set of textures with the rich flavours of the pork shining through.

Chicken Feet


Now Chicken Feet is not everyone’s cup of tea, but the soft jelly like flesh just falls off the bone and provides a unique tasting experience with the overlay of a nice oriental sauce and chilli.

Char Siu Boa 


The pillowy soft fluffy steamed buns oozes a soft sweet caramelised roast pork filling which is such a delight. The perfect comfort dish.  

Prawn & Scallop Dumpling 


The soft glutinous sticky dumpling coating with a succulent prawn and scallop filling is a unique treat. The freshness of the seafood here is a standout. 

Fried Squid 


The old adge – You Snooze, You Lose applies to Yum Cha! Since I love my blog followers, I was too busy taking pictures for you and when I looked up the squid was all gone! 



An old favourite – the Surf & Turf style dumpling. The beautiful soft meat is mixed with bits of shrimp following by the burst of seafood from the roe on top with the wheaty wonton wrappers adding an extra dimension of flavours.

Chilli Mussels


The distinctive mussell flavour shone through the chilli with its beautiful chewy texture providing a wonderful taste experience.

Prawn and Chive Dumplings 


Similar comment to the Prawn and Scallop dumpling – expect the chives provided a nice colour contrast and some crunch to the dumpling.

Jellyfish and Chicken 


The slippery soft slimey jelly fish is a contrast to the succulent chicken while the vegatables add a lovely crunchy texture to the dish with the pickled sauce providing a tangy after-bite. Its oh so lovely.

Almond Milk Jelly IMG_20141228_114348

These subtle creamy soft gelatine like jelly which was perfect for the warm summer day in Perth. A very mild dessert.

Egg Tarts


The wonderful sweet rich egg custard is so silky and creamy while the flaky “fall apart” buttery crumbly pastry which encases it provides a lovely contrasts of textures to the dish. Its a bit messy to eat but such a treat!

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