North Bondi Fish

So it’s a super a sunny Saturday in Bondi and the traffic is just awful on the way to the beach. But soon enough I am out of the road and into a wonderful seafood restaurant overlooking the beach. It’s a pretty wonderful setting to be honest.


The Wine

Dr Loosen ‘Dr L’ Riesling (2013), Mosel in Germany


My dining companion is already there and settled into a lovely glass of Rosé. I peruse the wine menu and settle on a wonderful Riesling from the stony terrain of Mosel… just think “minerality” all over.

Its a typical Riesling, filled with beautiful stone fruit (peach) flavours, the light tang of cherries and hints of spices with wonderful fresh acidity. The view and wine work harmoniously to relax my senses and I feel like I am back in Monte Carlo again.

My dining companion then decides to choose a bottle of the Sancerre (which is also an oh so perfect match for this summer day) for the rest of the afternoon. The wine hibernates (while we finish our starting glasses) in a chilled wine bucket as we await its wonderful aromas and flavours to be released in our glasses.

Sancerre Domaine Cirotte (2013) from the Loire Valley in France 


The distinct grapefruit and quince aromas and hints of herbal notes escape the glass and fill the air. The fresh citrus fruit flavours dominate on the palate and flows through to a crisp finish. The Sancerre’s pale colour is in stark to contrast to the Riesling but nonetheless delivers on this beautiful sunny day.


Then it comes the entrée my dining companion chooses the beautiful scallops with red wine vinegar and chilli. I am offered to try one, but just couldn’t rob my dining companion of what must be heaven on a plate. I gaze and admire, but my eyes are eagerly fixed toward the kitchen door where my entrée is set to arrive.

Scallop with Chilli and Rice Wine Dressing


I am such a sucker for sliders and the snow crab sliders just had me at hello. It’s almost like the ink just jumped off the menu and touched my heart.

Snow crab slider, lettuce, kewpie, gherkins


The dish is about textures and smooth flavours. There is the crunch of the snow crab patty which breaks open to reveal the succulent beautiful flaky snow crab meat, which has a snow-white purity look speckled with a red tinge that effortlessly charms my every taste bud.

Then the rich thick Kewpie (a Japanese style mayo) flows over the patty for a sensational taste experience. The crunchy lettuce and tang of the gherkin mingle while the soft plush bun which encased the crab retains the crispy smoky scars of its time on the pan. A truly beautiful dining experience.


Main Course

The afternoon continues to drift by as the beautiful people from the beach flock in and sun continues to dazzle, casting a wonderful reflective glow on the deep blue ocean. The breeze gently floats in to stroke my hair while the charm and rhythm of the chatter from the table around us is better than any concert.

When you’re next to the sea, there’s just no passing fresh seafood. So we quickly dismiss the steak and my dining companion orders the snapper. I was going to order it, but I ordered something different instead, just so I could add a little variety to my food photo collection (yes, I am that sort of person).

Snapper Fillet with Charred Corn, Green Olive, Tarragon


I decide to go for the Mahi Mahi fillet….

Mahi Mahi Fillet, Baby Carrots, Artichokes, Hazelnuts


The succulent firm flesh of the Mahi Mahi oozes the smoky flavours from the pan with the distinct flavour of the fish (and its juices) intact. The pan roasted vegetables prove to be the perfect accompaniment with their firm outer skins burnt by the wrath of the pan’s heat while the inner part of the vegetable (still firm) melts on your mouth. The overall soft and succulent textures of the dish are interrupted with the contrasting crunch of the hazelnuts for a simple but fantastic taste experience.


The wine starts to dull the senses while the atmospheric salt provides a gentle tonic for my lungs and the stronger sea breeze insists on undoing the wonderful job my comb did with my hair this morning. It’s now dessert time and I just can’t go by the creme brulee.

Creme Brulee with Raspberries and White Chocolate 


The crunchy carmelised sugar is a lovely introduction to smooth creamy creme filling while the fresh tangy fruit flavours of the raspberry base offer a wonderful finish to the dish. The seeds inside the raspberries are a beautiful texture contrast and just pair with the grainy sugar to sandwich the smooth creme filling, giving a unique sensation on the tongue.

Tyrrell’s Brokenback Shiraz (2011) from the Hunter Valley (NSW) 


I just can’t shy away from a glass of red. So I pair it with my dessert. The dark vibrant purple liquid stares at me from the glass. Then the beautiful aromas of fresh raspberries and cherries fill the air and continue through to the tongue with a rich deep fruity base balanced with a light acid and the grip of the oak tannin. Couldn’t think of a better signature to end the lunch.

The Tiramisu cocktail is the choice for my dining companion (Its got Chivas Regal, Caramel, Kahlua, Ameretto, Double Cream and Chocolate)… yeah its pretty potent. I didn’t get to sip it, but its the perfect excuse to pencil in another lovely afternoon at this place to try it.

Tiramisu Cocktail


A wonderful leisurely lunch, with a casual feel, beautiful views, fresh seafood and a good selection wines. A real treat!

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