North Bondi Fish (2017)

The wine has alluring stone fruit and citrus aromas. It pours on the tongue with a gentle and delicate texture which makes way for wonderful flavours of peach, apple and citrus which embrace the notes of stone and fresh minerality to deliver a sensational experience in the mouth. Its dry and the acidity is the perfect to pair with the seafood dishes we select for the day.


Rock oysters white balsamic mignonette, fresh horseradish

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The oysters are a gem – the rich saline minerality and slimy creamy texture is certainly one to behold. I have some natural, and mix the mignonette with others. It’s quite a decadent experience and epitomises the seaside life where the taste reflects the atmosphere. My friend has taken a particular liking to the seaweed on the base of the oysters which is a nice touch to the dish from both a taste and aesthetics perspective.


Tuna tataki with salted cucumber, wakami, ponzu, bonito flakes, salmon roe

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The succulent juicy tuna with its rich natural flavours and oils is perfect on its own. The cucumber adds a light crunch, the acidity from the citrus hit of the ponzu integrates well into the wine and tuna. The other elements of the dish work well in harmony with the saline hit of the wakami and bonito flakes flowing in style with the rich flavoursome burst of taste intensity which is contained in the salmon roe. It’s a pure delight.

Smoked Trout

Smoked rainbow trout salad with celery, fennel, apple, dill, lemon vinaigrette, nigella seeds

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The dish is healthy rather than having specific flair of the other dishes. It’s still lovely, the smoked trout is full of it’s rich natural flavours, while the textural contrasts of crunchy seeds and vegetables provide for a wonderful taste experience.

Crab Omelette

Spanner crab omelette with oyster sauce, shallots, baby coriander

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The fluffy omelette has a wonderful fusion of the soft fluffy eggs and sweet delicate spanner crab meat. The intertwined elements form a signature taste experience. The delicate oyster sauce is a treat while the shallots and coriander provide some heat and herbiness to round out the dish.

Bug Linguine

Bug meat linguine with lemon, garlic, chili, bottarga

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This dish is heaven. Just imagine al dente linguine, succulent and irresistible bug meat, the pungent garlic, the kick of chilli and rich sensuous briny taste of the bottarga. I savour every mouthful and let every element of the dish pervade my senses for a fulfilling sensory experience.

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The Wrap 

The afternoon wraps up, the crowd swells, the sea continues to project its natural beauty and the blue skies are reflective of the hope we all carry when we experience a sunny day in Sydney. It’s chilled, it’s relaxed, the food was amazing, the wine was on point – this is relaxed Sydney dining at its very finest. I think we can all cheers to that!

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