Monte Carlo Forever


I just love Monte Carlo! I fell in love with its charm about eight years ago and my love for this place hasn’t dwindled since. The climate, fine dining, elegance, the beautiful people and of course the views of the Mediterranean Sea. It really is the place to be.     

The Hotel 

I get into Monte Carlo in the late afternoon and check into our beautiful hotel. The hotel is of course the lovely Novotel Monte Carlo. The rooms are super spacious, with a bed, plenty of pillows, cotton bathrobes, an executive sofa set, and amazing bathroom (with shower and tub – the shot below is only part of the bathroom) and breakfast by the pool.



The hotel suite is amazing, but overriding this is the beautiful view I wake-up to every single morning… the view of the bay of Monte Carlo, the Princes’ Palace and the blue sea in the distance. I am always late for breakfast as I spend countless minutes gazing out of the window. By the end of the stay, the windows were plastered with my fingerprints (great way to leave evidence) reflecting my longing daily gaze into paradise.


The breakfast by the pool, is a lovely experience too. This hotel does some of the best silky buttery scrambled eggs I have ever had. Its such an experience having the rising sun covering your scrambled eggs in this yellow glow while sipping on a calming cup of tea.


Alternatively, glasses of wine over the the mezzanine looking at the pool is the way to go!


Casino & Surrounds 

The hotel is a short walk from the Casino (about 5 minutes) and the beauty of its architecture and amazing surrounds need to be seen to be understood. Its got to be the most beautiful part of Monte Carlo (apart from the views of the Mediterranean of course). Its always full of beautiful people and the perfect place to nurse a few cocktails and people watch.





Leafy Surrounds 

The casino is surrounded by the leafy green gardens which make the walk to and from the hotel a lovely and relaxing experience.




The View 

Now, what do I love more; the beautiful rocky cliff faces, crystal blue waters, the uber cool yachts, or the lush green vegetation… Well I cant’ choose so I will say everything. I can’t even find the words to describe it. Here are a selection of pictures which hopefully paint a picture of the masterpiece that is Monte Carlo. It’s picture perfect.


IMG_20140730_093912  IMG_20140730_094002

IMG_20140731_112337 IMG_20140731_112417 IMG_20140731_112605_hdr




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