Mondrian South Beach (Miami)

The Hotel

The Mondrian South Beach Hotel in Miami exudes a beach club vibe in every way except that it’s not quite on the beach. Situated on the beautiful Biscayne Bay, the hotel was designed by Marcel Wanders with a sense of “a luxe hotel wow” mixed with “eccentric millionaire’s house” kinda vibe. It’s a lovely spot to spend a few days in Miami before I jet back to New York for my return flight to Sydney.

The Room

The hotel rooms have nautical style wallpaper, rugs, bright chairs and quirky furniture and wall features. There is also a full kitchenette and fully stocked mini-bar. I can’t quite describe the quirkness in words, so check out the snaps!

The room has a wonderful view from the entrance.


The bed is bright white with an overzied white bed head


The views from the bed are quite spectacular even when there’s a thunderstorm


Or at the first morning light.


There is a sofa chair which seems out of Star Wars


A work desk with a painting of a girl in a hat.


There is a beautiful wide screen TV and reflective orange tinted glass looking back at the bed.



The bathroom are fully stocked with Guy and Girl luxury amenities


The bathroom has white fixtures and is pretty non-descript in its approach.


The shower area is a little more interesting with the shower head built into the lighting feauture and beautiful blue “mini mosaic” tiled wall.


Kitchenette and Mini-Bar

The kitchette has a wonderful nautical themed tiled wall with a sink, stove top and drawers full of all the utensils you need.


There are some bottles of spirits and wine if you wish to indulge.


There’s plenty of beers, water, wine and mini spirits are also stored in the bar fridge.


The cupboard with a clock feature contains a microwave and mini bar kit.


A light selection of snacks are also available.


The Balcony

Below the room is the pool area and the bay which is really beautiful.


The most magical part of the hotel is the sunsets on the balcony.


Or you can lie in bed and enjoy with a glass of wine.

IMG_6049 (1)


There is nothing more absorbing of the Miami vibe than ordering room service and enjoying it on the hotel balcony.

Snapseed (1)

Here is my reflection of the moment:

“Awakened by the rising sun’s piercing rays which enter the room, the moment of perfect morning bliss is interrupted by the room service order. The plates are gently placed on the table on the balcony. The warmth of the tropical sun proves inviting and the dulled senses of the hangover is promptly cured by the gentle sip of the cappuccino. The beautiful vista of Biscayne Bay is captivating to the eyes but soon the allure of breakfast proves too strong to ignore.

Could one desire anything more than delectable freshly poached eggs on creamy avocado toasts with a smattering of queso fresco and cilantro oil or the vegan banana bread french toast topped with raspberry and a banana brûlée. To end this idyllic moment would be a crime, so it is left to linger for an age until the pool’s gleaming waters below issues an unrefusable invitation.”


The Pool 

The pool area is what you’re here for. There is a man-made beach area with tables and hammocks with beautiful views across the bay. There are cabanas and daybeds along with a kids pool and on weekend, there’s always a party and this place is packed with gorgeous people and cool tunes.


Here is my reflection on my time at the pool which eptiomises Miami more generally:

“I rest my weary head on the sunbed as I clutch a baby coconut cocktail and sip it with a playful fervour. The expansive view of Biscayne Bay captures my imagination, as the heat of the Miami sun gently toasts my skin.

I seek solace in the depths of the chilled waters of the pool, as a light sea breeze flows through to gently caress my hair. I contemplate a leisurely lunch or an afternoon in the hammock. There’s only one way to do Miami… it’s effortlessly!”


The food scene is also pretty decent at the Pool. For lunch today it’s The King of the Castle Cocktail with Coconut Popcorn Shrimp, Lobster Roll and a Trio of Wagyu Sliders.


The crunch of the Popcorn Shrimp releases a touch of tropical notes from the coconut and the succulent flavours of the shrimp. The Lobster Roll exudes richness in its fluffy bun with a saline hit with a smattering of tobiko. The Sliders provide a hit of the juicy succulent wagyu beef oozing with the richness of the manchego, the smokiness of caramelised onions, the crisp salinity of the fried prosciutto and the flakey brioche.

The King of the Castle proves a leisurely but potent sip as the Mt Gay Black Barrel, Remy VSOP and Vanilla infused Cointreau streak through the veins to severely dull the senses. The cabana proves a leisurely spot to waste the afternoon in between pool dips. The call of the tropical lifestyle is something one should never ignore.


The restaurant next to the pool offers and equally enchanting view.


Coconut Cocktails are best sipped by the kids pool with this view….


or you could sip them on the daybed which is equally relaxing.


The dining area by the pool is pretty beautiful too.


Here is the man-made beach and hammocks which give the sense you’re on the beach!


There are pool tables and other games at the entrance of the pool area is swimming is not your thing.


The pool is equally beautiful at night



Video Diary

Here is my video diary of the hotel which provides a pretty good tour of the room and pool area.

The background tune is: ‘I Got U’ by Duke Dumont feat. Jax Jones. I do not own any rights to the song.


The hotel is nicely situated on Biscayne Bay and is just minutes from the beach. It’s pretty easy to get around Miami from the hotel. The rooms have a wow element to them and with the kitchenette it makes it ideal for a longer-term stay. The highlight of the hotel has got to be the pool, its beautiful and there is simply nothing better than spending hours sipping a beautiful cocktail by the pool with those stunning views.

A couple of drawbacks, there is only one restaurant in the hotel and the menu is little limited so you do need to venture out if you’re in for a long stay. The second is the service levels (not just at the hotel but more broadly in Miami) are not what you’d expect from U.S. hospitality; the cocktails were left at the bar for me to collect rather than being brought to the daybed and in the evening, the food is served in takeaway plastic plates and cups if you want to dine outside. It’s laidback here and yet they slug you with a 20% automatic tip to every bill!

But don’t let that gripe stop you; this place is the perfect spot to enjoy beautiful Miami; the bay, the sun, the pool and the location – just take a relaxed attiude like the rest of people in this beautiful city…..Mañana!!

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