Manly Weekends

When its sunny I can’t think of a better place to be than in Manly. I was there last week and visited some pretty cool places and thought it would be a crime if I didn’t share the pictures with you! So here they are….

Manly Wine

Last time I tried to head to Manly Wine its was closed for renovations. It has now reopened and is so worth the visit. It has an all-day raw seafood bar offering with succulent seafood (with a stunning view), chilled cocktails, hip wine list and an oh so perfect vibe.

I went there with a friend on Saturday and well…. here’s the view next to a jug of the Berry Soon, a mix of Tanqueray Gin, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries and lemons.


A beautiful refreshing mix of floral notes from the gin, the sweet berry infusions and of course a light citrus bite of lemon ensures the afternoon becomes a timeless experience.

IMG_20141115_152830_hdr IMG_20141115_153418_hdr

We got a little peckish so we had a beautiful Bonito Sashimi with a spicy Bloody Mary salad. Succulent soft jelly like pieces of bonito with the spice of the chilli and juiciness of the tomato. Perfect!


Burger Liquor Lobster

Then I headed off to the new pop-up bar in Manly (it replaced Chur Burger in Manly Wharf Bar) with a chilled seafood theme – “think Hamptons style” vibe offering some mouthwatering burgers, inventive cocktails and rustic seafood snacks.

I had a lovely cocktail to start….

Rock Lobster (Bulldog Gin, St Germain elderflower liqueur, lemon juice, pineapple juice, yellow Chartreuse, orange blossom marmalade).


Salt and pepper lobster, lemon aioli chives, red onion, iceberg


The soft succulent lobster, crunchy salt / spice batter, plush bun and the creamy aioli with the crunchy lettuce and onions. Its an experience alright.

Sweet Potato Wedges



Papi Chulo

I can’t seem to go to Manly without visiting Papi Chulo. I am sure you’ve read heaps about this wonderful place on my blog, so I’ll just hit the high points.

I had to start with the chilled refreshing A to Z Pinot Gris from Oregon in the USA.


I then try one of the coolest new dishes on the menu…

Snowcrab, green mango, watermelon, herbs, peanuts, chilli lime dressing


I couldn’t describe it… but think and imagine… soft silky flaky snow crab meat, firm but juicy tropical green mango, sweet juices of cooling watermelon, the gravelly crunch of the peanuts and of course that tangy spicy lime/chilli dressing. I just get swept of my feet.

I can’t seem to change the fact that I am a Sandgroper (it’s a term to describe West Australians) and choose a wine from my home state… the Cape Mentelle Shiraz, Margaret River, WA


Southern calamari, sorrel, sour cream, bacon, crispy potato, dill


The beautiful succulent smoky “off the grill” calamari is a pure treat.

I caught up with a friend later on and we chilled with a late night snack and some cocktails… Nothing beats a chilled wind-up to the night with cocktails and quality bar food.

We had the Pea guacamole with tortilla chips to start…



Creamy, herby guacamole with the distinct firm texture of the peas coupled with the crunchy tortilla chips… its pure heaven.

Smoked hot wings with comeback sauce


Crunchy succulent chicken wings with a creamy but super spicy sauce is the pinnacle of comfort food. Yes it looks as good as it was…

Cocktails are the go and I have the super refreshing (and potent) Papi’s Ice Tea (Havana Club and Angostura rums with earl grey & peppermint teas, Cointreau and lemon juice) and my friend had the Cravado (Frozen blend of Vodka, coconut water, lychees, fresh mint and lime).


The perfect way to end the night…

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