JAL First Class Lounge (Haneda Airport)

Leaving Tokyo


I head off to the airport on a day when Tokyo decides to snow and the weather kinda reflects my mood I don’t want to leave! Its been so much fun! I just loved staying at the Intercontinental Tokyo Bay – it is one of my favourite hotels. But anyway onwards and upwards!

I arrive at Haneda Airport and check-in for my Cathay Pacific flight to Hong Kong and then onto Singapore.


Pretty soon I make my way past security and into the JAL First Class Lounge.


The Lounge

The lounge is quite spacious with wonderful views across the tarmac.


IMG_6706 IMG_6720

After the breakfast service and the departure of earlier flights the lounge does become quieter.



For breakfast there is an expansive buffet of East and West breakfast options.


A chef is on hand to prepare a Rye Galette (a pancake dish topped with egg, ham and cheese)

IMG_6733 IMG_6738


As my flight was delayed (due to the snow) the clock approaches midday and they do reset everything for lunch and there is a good noodle bar option which is set up.


For lunch there are also a choice of Western options….


I opt for a very light breakfast when I get to the lounge to tide me through to my flight as I had already eaten in the hotel. I choose a glass of Laurent Perrier champagne (you do get some glares from fellow passengers) and pair with a New England Lobster Bisque and some Japanese canapés (herring roe, grilled fish, picked seafood and sweet egg).


It is quite a view


The Red Suite

There is a range of airline memorabilia, books, vintage travel suitcases and accessories, classic photography, plush seats and a game room. It is a quiet area for a bit of rest and relaxation as you wait for your flight.

The Champagne and Sake Bar

Later on as the clock approaches midday (since I am so not an alcoholic) I make my way to the Champagne bar. There is an abundance of Laurent-Perrier champagne and a selection of choice sake from Hasegawa Saketen. It is a self pour bar and your choice of liquid swills in none other than the best luxury Riedel glassware from Austria.

IMG_6709 IMG_6713 IMG_6714 IMG_6715

The Gallery

The Gallery is like a mini aviation museum of sorts. It has 1950s JAL memorabilia, parts of old planes, globes and suitcases which would definitely be the place hang if you’re an airline buff like myself.



The Library

The library room is the room in the centre of the Red Suite with dark wooden furniture and plenty of boring historic literature (you can probably tell I didn’t do English Literature at university). It is a typical old school club library with a waft of leather notes throughout the room. The leather atmosphere is not from leather-bound books (who has those nowdays anyway) but due to the shoe shine service where you can get your precious loafers buffed to high sheen.


The Game Room

The Game Room is decorated with life-size route maps to continue the aviation theme and there are chess boards and foosball tables to enjoy. On a lighter note (pardon the pun), the light shades are bowler hats. It will satisfy the kid in you!

IMG_6716 IMG_6717

Spa and Massage

I do head into the Spa area for the treatment. The lady at the Spa is so apologetic that the treatments are fully booked but she offers me a massage chair instead. I spend an absolute age in the chair as it is oh so comfortable and the massages are the just the best. I feel oh so relaxed as I wander from the area…


Business Centre

There is a business centre for all the workaholics out there…


Light Pre-Departure Snacks

As my flight is delayed I grab a Sake and head back to window and watch the tarmac, it is quite a lovely view indeed.


As the lunch buffet opens up, I grab a Champagne and some sushi and dumplings and carefully enjoy them while gazing at the tarmac waiting for my boarding call.

IMG_6730 IMG_6739 IMG_6745

Finally the bells ring and I am off to board my flight to Singapore via Hong Kong. The journey continues.


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