Il Lido Italian Canteen

Life is a beach… well kinda. If you’re in Perth, then your thoughts are never far away from sunny weather, amazing sand laden beaches with crystal clear waters! Combine it with a cocktail with lots of Campari and you’re set.




So in the beachside suburb of Cottesloe lies a lovely Italian cafe/restaurant with an amazing wine list, attentive staff who know good service, cool rustic modern Italian dishes and a laid back beach atmosphere. It’s Il Lido Italian Canteen.

So I am here with the family (we actually came here last year too – it’s becoming an Easter tradition) as we gaze at the beautiful beach before heading in to leisurely lunch.

Most people are at awe of the beach… but once we get inside the wine collection really amazes me (sorry I am that kind of person).


Then we kick-off with some lovely entrees to share… here they are

Beef Carpaccio, Caper, Truffle Sottocenere and Horseradish (The Carpaccio was actually invented in Harry’s Bar in Venice- check out my review here).


The tender melt in your mouth beef carpaccio is paired with lovely truffle sottocenere (a truffle flavoured mild cheese from Venice) which doesn’t overpower it and the horseradish which gives a little bite to finish.

Sweet Corn and Leek Arancini with Chilli Jam

The crunchy crisp outer coating of the arancini is met with the soft creamy filling. The sweet corn adds the right amount of texture and the chilli jam provides a sweet/spicy touch to the smooth creamy cheese based centre which is so lovely and velvety.


Smoked Salmon, Lemon Ricotta, Pistachio and Fennel

It’s a very simple dish and done well. The soft oily salmon is full of natural flavour and complements the creamy ricotta which has a nice citrus tang. The pistachio adds some nice texture to the dish too.


Scallop, Green Bean, Cacciatore, Crème Fraiche and Crumbs

Tender succulent scallops topped with the crunch of various herbs, beans and leaves. This provides for an amazing mix of textures and there is a light herb based sauce to round out the dish.


Castello di Farnatella Chianti Senesi (2011)

The wine we choose is a Chianti with lovely plum and cherry flavours. The wine is simple, easy to drink, full flavoured and elegant. Perfect for an afternoon session!


Rolled Veal Breast, Spinach, Pinenut, Fontina Risotto

My main is lovely. It’s a succulent tender veal breast with the soft juicy spinach and cream stuffing and on a bed of creamy risotto. The textures of cheese, rice cooked al dente and juices from the veal flow together in harmony. The Fontina has a particularly intense flavour which adds to the dish. It’s amazing.



Here’s what the rest of the table has…

Fish of the Day


Fettuccine with Pork and Veal Ragu


Linguine, Crab, Chilli, Confit Garlic, Tomato 


And of course we finish off with….

Praline Ice Cream with Figs


Flour-less Chocolate Cake with HoneycombIMG_20140420_134707

Of course a Flat White and Green Tea accompany the desserts


Il Lido is fast becoming a fixture in my Perth schedule… beautiful views, amazing food, vintage wines and staff that are oh so lovely. So if you’re in Perth… this is the place to be!

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