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The Hotel 

The Hotel Boscolo Prague is part of the Marriott Group. The hotel is set in the palatial Renaissance Revival facade building which was originally the Czech Savings and Loan Bank. The lobby is consistent with and traditional bank structure and conjures memories of a royal palace ballroom with majestic marble pillars and floors, high ceilings, cream walls, gold plating, plaster molded decorations on the corner of the ceiling and of course regal chandeliers.




The Room

The Bedroom

The stairs and hallway which lead the room (don’t worry there is a lift as well) are impressive and exude the grandeur of the building’s history. The room has beautiful hardwood floors, subtle tones of marble and leather and high ceilings. The room has beautiful wooden furniture to match the bed headboard and plenty of lamps which offer a subdued lighting which adds to the romantic charm of the room.

The bed featured a headboard from yesteryear and was super comfortable. There is a desk, a large screen TV and a special iPad device which let’s you order room service and other items without having to call up the concierge. Bottles of complimentary mineral water are provided for good measure too.


The room has quite an extensive mini bar selection:



The Bathroom 

The bathroom is filled medium golden beige marble and wooden frames. There is a beautiful deep soaking tub and the amenities are from luxury brand Roberto Cavalli.



It’s hard to describe the room in just pictures and words, so here is a little clip of the room:

The background tune is “You and Me” by Ehrling – I don’t own the rights to the song.

Room Service

I find room service to be one of those conundrums. It’s always pricey and the hotel never makes any money from it; so why do people demand it and why does the hotel bother providing it.

However there is something rather alluring about room service that I cannot describe; its a balance of luxe and mess, decadence and simplicity and stylishness but laziness. On my final day in the hotel, the restaurant is closed for a VIP function and I opt for the room service menu. The choice is burgers paired with beautiful French wines.


A very enjoyable meal indeed. The rich juicy beef patty is a dream, along with a gloppy sauce, melted cheese, the light tomato and lettuce all gently nestled in between a plush toasted bun. The little coleslaw on the side provides the illusion of healthy dining. The chips are crunchy and do a little dance with the mayonnaise and tomato sauce.

The beautiful rich red wine unleashes its tannins to wash the palate clean after every mouthful while its beautiful flavours of red fruits and cassis which linger into a beautiful finish.

It’s a signature moment and one I wish would never end.


The background tune is “In a Big Country” by The Crossing – I don’t own the rights to the song.

The Pool

The pool is pretty impressive. It’s an indoor Roman spa with a pool, whirlpool jacuzzis, sauna and Turkish steam bath. The wonderful blue mosaic colours, creams and brown stones prove oh so alluring. Beautiful plush lounge beds are placed around the corner of the heated pool. The pool is cut through the base of the building, which gives one the pleasure of swimming in between the pillars which hold the building. Both the sauna and Turkish steam bath are such a treat too and work wonders to leave me feeling refreshed for the day ahead.


Here is a video clip of the indoor pool:

The background tune is “Riptide” by Vance Joy – I don’t own the rights to the song.


Breakfast is served in the hotel’s New York Café and Salon Restaurant in the morning. The buffet is extensive with a wide selection of all your breakfast favourites (savoury, sweet, American and English)  The selection was quite normal and I didn’t find any creative or inventive dishes, but the standard of what was there was pretty good.

There a selection eggs and cooked meats:





The buffet also has an extensive selection of pastries, cakes and sweets:



There are beautifully cooked vegetables and cold cut vegetables:



Oats and Porridge options are available with fruit toppings to match:


A selection of tea and coffee, including an espresso machine is made available too:


There are also a wonderful selection of fish, cold cuts and cheese:


Here are some snaps of the breakfast spread over my stay:





The Cigar Bar

Within the old bank vault is the Cigar Bar. It has an extensive selection of fine cigars, vintage cognac, liquors and wines. It has the sense of an old world club feel with luxe leather, dark wood panels and marble.

I opt for the Boscolo Cigar Cocktail and sip it as the afternoon unwinds. The perfect way to clear ones senses after a long day.




I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the hotel. The facade and structure of this historic bank building with its high ceilings and majestic lobby added a sense of yesteryear charm to the whole experience. The pool and spa area was unbelievable as was the Cigar Bar. The breakfast selection was quite standard but not lacking in any way. The room proved to be such a haven for me and I simply didn’t want to leave. It’s definitely the place to stay if you’re in Prague.

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