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So here I am at Harry’s in Bondi having a leisurely breakfast on a sunny Saturday morning! They have such an amazing selection of food and drinks to suit all tastes. This is my selection from the menu, which was quite the breakfast experience…


Here are the dishes for the morning

Seasonal Avocado, Organic Tahini Spread on Toast with Green Harissa


The green glow of this dish provides a perfect introduction. The creaminess of the avocado is combined with the flow of consistency from the tahini to make a wonderful spread. The rich oiliness of the tahini and the avocado naturally work well together. The soft fluffy inner part of the sourdough is a lovely base for the dish, while the crust provides a unique crunchy crumbly mess which is held together by the spread. The green harissa introduces a herby tang to the dish and a little citrus bite from the lime doesn’t go astray. It’s a lovely start the morning!!

Ricotta Hotcake with Strawberries / Blueberries, Organic Maple and Double Cream


These ricotta hotcakes are the best hotcakes I have ever had. The light fluffy hotcakes glide with the grace of a princess through your tongue while the maple syrup which is drizzled on top provides a smoky sweet tune to pair with the hotcake. The bits of ricotta in the hotcake have a soft gelatine like silky texture which interrupts the flow the rest of the hotcake with sensuous contrast. The juicy blueberries and strawberries provide a lovely streak of natural fruit flavours while the shaved almonds add some crunch to mix up the dish. The richness of the double cream provides a thick dress that reinforces the milky sensation of the dish. It was such a delight.

Banana, Activated Cashews, Dates, Cacao and Coco Water with a shot of Espresso


This smoothie is a delicious, rich sludgy drink! The pure sensation of the thick banana with streaks of cacao, sweetness of the dates and the refreshing flow of the coco water creates a a super cold sensation on the tongue. The espresso shot adds a lovely jolt to wake-me-up while the textural bumps of the well processed activated cashews make the journey of the smoothie through the tongue that much more interesting. It is a pure delight and just what the doctor ordered on this sunny Saturday in Bondi. It is perfect to sip while gazing at the cool crowd which swing by for their daily caffeine hit this morning.

I am particularly impressed with this spot, a lovely location with a wonderful sea breeze to match. Amazing rustic and well executed dishes and super friendly staff to match.

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