Greenwood Seafood Restaurant (Yum Cha)

So we escape the blustery cold winds and the rain which has been battering Sydney (seriously Sydney its meant to be summer now… so the rainy weather is so not appropriate) by heading out for some Yum Cha at Greenwood Seafood Restaurant.

I love Yum Cha, its already prepared, there’s no real waiting and there is the efficiency that takes me back to Hong Kong (if you want to read about my recent trip, check it out here).

We settle in, we share some laughs and absorb the chilled ambience of the place (the crowds have stayed away in this awful weather, which can be a blessing).

The first trolley arrives and we just can’t say no to the Sang Choi Bao. Delicious pieces of succulent pork with oriental sauce, wonderful crisp vegetables, mushrooms and sesame seeds encased in some iceberg lettuce. The wonderful fusion of the filling works in perfect harmony to deliver and exciting taste experience. Then the warmth of the filling is contrasted with the chilled lettuce which is crunchy and makes for a wonderful casing for the dish. Its still a little tough to eat but it is nonetheless a perfectly civilised way to start the afternoon.


Seafood is always the highlight of Yum Cha and my friend’s eyes bulge out of her socket when she sees these little glutinous wrapped treasures skate by on the trolley. We agree the best course of action is to order the Prawn Dumpling and the Scallop and Prawn Dumpling.

The soft sticky wrap is pierced through to release a flow of juices from the seafood to paint your tongue with a layer of heaven. Then the scallops and prawns escape from their concealed sacks and prove to be succulent and retain their full distinct flavours with minimal interruption. Its such a simple but satisfying experience.

IMG_20141015_120607_1 IMG_20141015_120610_1

Then we are offered the Peking Duck Pancake… has the thought crossed anyone’s mind to reject the Peking Duck? umm nope!

The soft pillow like pancakes houses the beautiful “you can’t go wrong with that” combination of the rich gamey duck meat and crispy skin paired with a sticky sweet hoisin sauce, and a juicy “too cool for school” cucumber. It is one of the most sensational comfort dining experiences one could have and you’re heart breaks into a million pieces when you’re left staring at the empty plate.


Then we choose the Rice Noodles with Prawns. The silky soft noodles ooze the saltiness of the soy sauce and provide the blanket for the succulent prawn which is flavoursome and the real hero in this simple dish. Simplicity can be charming and tasty at the same time.

IMG_20141015_120759_1 IMG_20141015_120802_1

We decide that the whole being healthy with steamed dumplings phase is so PC, and we opt for some delicious Fried Calamari. Let me walk you though this… there is the super crispy oily batter which surrounds the succulent juicy calamari (just think “texture contrast”). I just love it. The calamari is tossed with zesty spicy mix of chilli, spring onions and spices, which just deliver that kick to wake you up on this rainy day.


Then I just can’t go past these lovely Roast Pork Pastry Puffs. This is dish that just does it more with tastes and textures. The crumbly outer pastry with its buttery richness makes way for the caramelised roast pork mixture which has “fall apart in your mouth” meat with the sweetness of the mixture offering a lovely sensation on the mouth. The whole things makes a little mess in your mouth, but is oh so delicious.


The clock ticks by and our lunch break draws to a close… its so sad. All good times must come to end… we then make our way out into the chill of the Sydney afternoon content that the Yum Cha lunch offered an efficient dining experience with a special “I’m content” feeling that only comes from comfort food made with quality produce. I check with my friend and she is in full agreement, that the dishes were good and she was particularly impressed with the Roast Pork Pastry Puffs – they appear to be the go to dish!

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