Gloucester Hotel (Hong Kong) – Causeway Bay

The Night

So I manage to take an earlier flight from Bangkok and end up back in Hong Kong for a day. I check into a new hotel called the Gloucester Hotel in Causeway Bay. It is a lovely new hotel with stunning views over Victoria Harbour.

I get to my room at night and this is the view I enjoy. The city skyline of Hong Kong casts a beautiful reflective glow over the harbour and its just a dazzling sight to be honest.


The Ensuite

There is a beautiful marble ensuite.


There these jet showers with six separate horizontal shower jets (like the ones the Elemis Spa in the British Airways Concorde Room). They provide a powerful burst of water to give the body a wonderful soothing massage and the hotel stocks a wonderful suite of L’Occitane en Provence bath products to complete the experience.


The Bed

The bed proves to be oh so alluring as my tired jet lagged eyes (which have also been impacted by the cocktails I had at the Armani Bar) long for some rest.


Wake Me Up

The sun breaks through the clouds to send soft rays of light through the window of my hotel. I wake up and my eyes adjust to the light, my alarm clock is already on the 5th snooze (I am traveling… give me a break) and I eventually sit up on the bed and this is the view I have.


There is an element of awe at the wonder of the beauty that is the Hong Kong skyline and Victoria Harbour. I still seek the refuge of my pillow as deep down I am still asleep, but I my eyes fail to close or even to try and escape the gaze of this beautiful sight. I lie awake and stare absorbing the sight of the ships sailing across the harbour. It is a signature view.

The panorama shot across the harbour is nothing short of spectacular.


Causeway Bay

I roam the streets of Causeway bay, checking out local markets. When I travel I normally only enjoy the view of hotel rooms, boardrooms, restaurants, corporate offices and airline lounges, so it such a treat to experience some of the vibrant culture in Hong Kong (albeit for a few hours).

IMG_20150311_084650_hdr IMG_20150311_085731_hdr IMG_20150311_085757_hdr IMG_20150311_085936_hdr

See you Later Hong Kong  

I eventually have to check-out and head to the airport. I say one last goodbye to this stunning view and the super helpful staff (I just love the service levels in Hong Kong) help me to arrange my things as I make my way home.

I love this view!


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  1. Even though the room looks a little small, I was blown away by that view. Waking up with such a view must have been absolutely amazing…

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