Fratelli Paradiso (Lunch)

There is nothing more civilised than a Sunday Lunch in Potts Point.

Fratelli Paradiso (Please refer to here for my review of a dinner there in November) is a favoured haunt of mine and their lunches are legendary.

For starters they bring the usual freshly baked rustic bread rolls in a basket, which is heaven when paired with the imported extra virgin olive oil and fresh sea salt.


The starter is a buffala – which I expect some creamy buffalo mozzarella. However we get a plate of different juicy ripe tomatoes, pomegranates and caramelised almonds drizzled with fresh olive oil and a dash of balsamic. The dish is flavoursome, fresh and cooling – the perfect recipe for this hot sunny summer day in Sydney.


On a bit of a sour note, the service was a tad patchy today. The mains took ages to arrive (it was a tad packed today), they didn’t take our drink orders until after the entrees arrived etc. Not a big complaint, but hoping it changes on my next visit.

Next is some aperol spritz – it can’t be an Italian lunch without a spritz. It’s cooling and refreshing – perfect for this summery day. For more information on “The Spritz” and why they are amazing, please see my write-up on my recent trip to Venice (


For the mains the Gamberi Risotto is a delight. Succulent prawns, al-dente risotto with a light tomato base sauce and light seasoning. It’s such a delight, I just love this dish. I slouch back on my chair, sip my spritz and feel like I am back in Italy for a split second.


The tagolini is looks delightful, I don’t normally suffer from food envy – but this is one of those occasions.


Lunch draws to a close… the sun is out, the chatter continues and you just realise how lucky you are to live in Sydney.

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