Fratelli Paradiso (Breakfast) Autumn 2015

So its a sunny Saturday  morning and I just can’t wait to have a relaxing breakfast. I love Fratelli Paradiso for their long lunches (think of ragu or seafood pastas paired with lovely Italian red wine) but this place also does an amazing rustic breakfast with menu that has some unique dishes to set the perfect tone for the morning.

I am particularly fmaished so I opt for a couple of dishes this morning.


Uova Camicia – Poached eggs with smoked salmon, asparagus, pea crush and seasoned breadcrumbs

This dish looks beautiful. The aesthetics are perfect with the deep greeness of the peas and asparagus, the bright oily orange of the salmon and those light and the somewhat transparent egg whites with the yellow yolks gleaning from the inside awaiting their freedom from their encased pouch to run amok on this dish. I approach the dish with care, poking the eggs to release the yolk from its captivity. Its flows onto the salmon casting a translucent yellow sticky glaze over it. The rich oily salmon pairs perfect with the yolk and the soft gelatine egg white texture for the perfect “first taste”. The crunch of the asparagus and the soft pea mush provide a welcome texture contrast to this dish, while the salty bread crumbs provide a grainy like texture and holds the remnants of the yolk together. This is a dish where all the ingredients balance each other. The perfect start to the morning!


Bianco Mangiare – Sheep Milk Yoghurt Mousse with Summer Berries and Granola

Now this is the sort of simple dish that tingles every taste bud without any pretense or style. The soft “ever so gentle sheep milk tang” mousse is accompanied by the the sweet pulpy fruit intensity of the summer berries and the delightful texture of the berry coulis which lays under the mousse is the perfect interaction of flavours and textures. The grainy granola is provides a wholesome touch to the dish to round out the breakfast experience.


A wonderful simple breakfast paired with a wake-me-up coffee to set the done for a leisurely Saturday!


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