Flamingos and Dingos (Newport)

It’s a chilly Saturday and I find myself on Sydney’s Northern Beaches trying to find a little cafe. It’s a hole in the wall just off the main road called Flamingos and Dingos in beautiful Newport.


I finally find it, get chatting to one of the crew (who actually told me about this spot months ago) and eventually find a lovely chair overlooking the side-walk for a late breakfast/early lunch.

The Coffee

I have a flat white to start. The coffee here is simply beautiful. The velvety crema hits my tongue and the beautiful sweet and bitter espresso flavour provides a much needed hit to my sleepy taste buds. The soft creamy milk and base of the espresso which follows is a rich and sensuous experience. The coffee is at the perfect temperature and I have my brain disengaged from the world for a second, as I let the beautiful beaches’ winter breeze flow through my hair and gaze at the beautiful tree lined street opposite the bar.


The Smashed Avo

For breakfast I have settle on The Smashed Avo, which is this beautiful spread of avocado with coriander, shallots, parsley and mint on a toasted bread with a wedge of lemon on the side.

IMG_20140705_113101 IMG_20140705_113015_hdr

This dish is proof of the old adge, simplicity can mean perfection. The crunchy toast base crumbles leaving crust crumbs in your mouth, providing the perfect texture contrast against the smoothness of spread. On the first bite, the sharp flavour of the coriander, shallots and the spice of the cracked pepper shine through to wake me up, while the smooth creaminess of the avocado and fresh mint provide a mild refreshing overlay to balance the dish. The light tang of the lemon also comes alongside the dish to add a special extra zest. This dish is lovely, its elegant and provides for such a satisfying breakfast experience.

The Burger

I then decide to try one of their trademark burgers (which everyone raves about). I opt for the beef burger, there is also a breakfast and a “shroom” burger to complete the burger menu. Again, this place focuses on simplicity. The burger is composed of a succulent beef patty, pickles, cheese, mustard & tomato sauce, a light mayonnaise base and plush soft sweet bun.


One bite and I am hooked. The sweet soft bun is firmer than a traditional brioche but provides the perfect casing to the burger. The burger has four main flavour thematics, there is the sweetness in the bun (which has this firm but flaky texture), the juicy succulent beef patty which retains most of its juices. There is also the tang of mustard, tomato ‎sauce and pickles which provide a savoury overlay and additional bite to the burger’s overall flavour and finally the creaminess of the base (a light mayo-style sauce) and the melted cheese work to round out the experience.

It’s an array of different flavours which combine to the deliver an excellent but simple dish. This is such a beautiful burger, such that there is a sense of sadness when its finished, as I gaze longingly at the empty basked which once cradled it.


I finish off my second coffee as I use its warmth to seek refuge from this chilly winter afternoon. I then farewell the staff and make my way down the main street having thorough enjoyed what was a beautiful breakfast/lunch. This is such an amazing cafe, with great coffee, great casual food and super friendly staff.


The Kick-on

I then head to Newport Arms for a glass of wine to finish. I find a seat at the edge of the beer garden and gaze at the beauty of  Ku-ring-gai National Park and Bayview. It’s such a beautiful afternoon. The sun paints the waters a radiant glow, the sea breeze runs amok with my hair (ruining my morning beauty routine) and the wine loosens my tendons as I soak in the view.

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London has its charm, New York has its sense of adventure, but Sydney will always be a beautiful city!

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