Equinox Restaurant (Singapore)

So here I am in beautiful Singapore and I had the privilege of heading to the amazing Equinox Restaurant which boasts some pretty stunning views of Singapore – probably the best views! We arrive early and we are greeted by the friendly staff and this stunning view as we enter the restaurant… the pictures speak for themselves…

The View

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The view from our table is simply breathtaking. The view of Marina Bay and the South China Sea in the distance is something which one cannot help but be absolutely glued to for the entire night… I hope I can focus on the food and wine.

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We settle in and we decide pre-dinner cocktails are the go! My dining companion opts for the Singapore Sling and I opt for the Equinox Blue (Vodka, Blue Curacao, Peach Schnapps, Mango, Lychee Liqueur)


The cocktails taste amazing and prove even more enchanting with this backdrop… The bitter orange and strong stone fruit hints of my cocktail pairs with the streak of super sweet tropical tones of the lychee and the mango. It proves to be an amazing drink.

We then move on the entrée… here are our choices:


Tuna Tartare, Cinnamon Tapioca, Chilled Coconut, Lemongrass Broth


The tuna has its inherent distinct oils and richness of flavours which dominate the dish. The  coconut milky sauce which is poured subsequent to it being presented at your table with a flair of grandeur has the smooth rich milky flavour of the coconut which is balanced with a bite of lemongrass. These form a nice partnership with the tuna and also flow effortlessly with the salty minerally caviar providing a touch of decadence to the overall experience.


My dining companion opts for the following dish:

Carabineros Prawn a La Plancha, Fennel Salad, Tomato and Lemon Salsa


I suffer some food envy when I see this dish. My dining companion is so loving and gives me a taste of the dish. The lovely rich tangy pesto and South American flavours intermingled effortlessly through the dish to grip the fresh succulent chunky prawns in their flow, whilst not putting too much pressure on them and letting the prawns showcase their natural flavours… it was such a beautiful delight indeed!


Main Course

Venison Loin, Ricotta Gnocchi, Celeriac, Beetroot puree and Blackberry Infused Jus


This is the moment of truth… I love venison and have been waiting all day to try the dish. The gamey flavour of the venison stamps its mark on the dish. The smoky charred outer part of the venison is the perfect introduction to the juicy middle of the loin. The creamy gnocchi is rich and adds some balance to the strength of the venison while the sweet beetroot puree and blackberry Jus have the strength of flavour to “stand-up to” and pair with the venison. A lovely dish indeed.


My dining companion opts for the Chicken.

Free-Range Chicken, Squash Salad, Cracklings, Artichoke Puree, Jus Grass


My dining companion pairs the chicken with the Cloudy Bay, Sauvignon Blanc (2014), New Zealand and I pair the Venison with the Ruffino Aziano Chianti Classico (2012), Italy.


The Chianti has beautiful rich cherry and earthy aromas which dominate on the nose. On the palate, it proves to be a lovely medium bodied wine with cherry and vanilla, leather and mild herb flavours with some decent acid and the soft grip of tannins to finish. It has sufficient strength of fruit to match the venison.

We opt for the Dessert Platter to share:


Dessert Tasting Platter – (1) Chocolate and Coffee Marquise with Ginger Bread Crunch, Mandarin and Orange Sorbet (2) Poached Rhubarb with Berry Compte, Crystallized Thyme and Cactus Sorbet (3) Ivory Mousse with Lemon Curd and Popcorn Ice-Cream (4) Peaches and Yoghurt: Vanilla Panna Cotta, Peach Ravioli and Consommé

IMG_0981 IMG_0989 IMG_0990 IMG_0991 IMG_0993

The steam from the liquid nitrogen or dry ice is such a nice touch… Anyway, here are my comments on these little delights:

(1) Its a smooth rich mocha style dessert with the subtle juiciness of the mandarin and citrus bite of the orange disrupting the flavour while the tang and texture of the ginger bread crunch provides an additional dimension.

(2) Sweet juiciness of the rhubarb and berry compote is balanced by the more subtle flavours of the cactus sorbet and thyme.

(3) The rich cream of the Ivory Mousse is balanced with the citrus tang of the lemon curd and then sweet textured caramel smokiness of the popcorn.

(4) The vanilla panna cotta is smooth and creamy while the peach ravioli adds an intensity to the dish with the liquid of the consommé providing balance to the dish.

Fireworks and the View 

As the night draws to a close we continue to be captivated by the view. The glowing lights of the Singapore skyline and their beautiful reflection on the harbour just make you want to be permanently suspended in every second you look out of the window. Oh if time could stand still!


If the night couldn’t get any better, pre-fireworks for the National Day tomorrow light up the sky…. making it the perfect night. It was such an enjoyable night!

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