DBW (North Sydney)

North Sydney has long suffered from the problem of not having great restaurants or wine bars. Drink Better Wine (DBW) in North Sydney Cellars (along with Treehouse) has gone some way to changing that dynamic.

 DBW offers a fantastic selection of wines by the glass and an amazing rustic modern Australian food menu. I am here to catch-up with a friend. When he arrives we settle for a table outside in the sun.  We start chatting and settling into the mood of the place, when a very friendly waitress chats to us about the menu. We order starters to give ourselves time to decide on the main.

We go for lamb sliders with a yogurt dressing. The tender juicy lamb patties are dripped over with creamy tangy yogurt and sandwiched between a crumbly brioche bun. If dictionaries had pictures next to them, these beauties would be next to the definition of happiness.


We then decide on the mains, my friend has a pork roll which looks delish. We also decide to share some Beer battered chips with aged parmesan, truffle oil & aioli. These taste as good as they look.  

 truffle chips Pork Roll

I opt for beautiful seafood spaghetti; fresh spaghetti, diced juicy tomatoes, generous sprinkling of breadcrumbs and Italian herbs, mixed through with succulent prawns and squid. It’s heavenly and also a large dish, so I take my time to work through it.  


We continue our conversation over our mains. It’s such a great catch-up, the best friends are the ones when you dine them and you just get lost in the conversation not the food. It’s such a lovely afternoon, the sun is shining and the chatter of the crowd is like music.  

To finish, I am thinking a coffee or dessert. We go for an affogatto (the best of both worlds). Beautiful pistachio and honey ice-cream with a double shot of espresso poured over it. The bitterness of the coffee pairs so well with the creaminess of the ice-cream, the soft honey taste and gravely like texture of the pistachios – it’s all so amazing.


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