I haave been a bit slack with my postings on my trip to Europe and noticed I hadn’t uploaded some pictures from my trip. So on today’s flash-back Friday, I have decided to post some pictures of the palm trees and beach from my day trip to Cannes back in August.

I did have an amazing lunch at one of the best restaurants in Cannes – a true gem (I did a review of this a while back, you can check it out here). Enjoy!

The Streets

Like any Riviera town, the streets are full of designer brands…




Palm Trees and the Beach

The idyllic palm trees and sandy beaches are such a sight!


IMG_20140801_100149 IMG_20140801_102644 IMG_20140801_103410 IMG_20140801_103834_hdr IMG_20140801_105328_hdr IMG_20140801_111148_hdr IMG_20140801_141458_hdr IMG_20140801_151111 IMG_20140801_152057 IMG_20140801_152457_hdr

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