British Airways Concorde Room (JFK)

The Lounge

So I leave beautiful New York City and head-off to the airport and it’s a case of “London calling”… however my travel plans threaten to be interrupted with bad weather! Thankfully after a little wait at check-in my flight is left alone and will proceed as planned. I head through security and settle into the Concorde Room. I can’t decide whether I love this spot more than its London counterpart.


It is smaller and less spacious, but the food and service levels are a tad higher here. The staff are oh so attentive and snagging that table with a view of the tarmac gives way to my favourite pastime of watching the planes zoom in and out of JFK.

There is lovely private dining area which offers a little privacy (unless some inconsiderate blogger snaps a picture of you tucking into your supper – oops sorry)

Private Dining Area


There is ample space to lounge around to kill the time



Now the thing with the spa here is you have to leave the lounge and walk all the way to the business lounge on the other side of the terminal to have a spa treatment. So the question… is it worthwhile. The staff at this lounge are main stayers – they have been there since forever and they almost feel like family (kinda). Gloria, who I first met in 2012, is going to handle my treatment today and preps the room for a treatment. I get a lovely massage from the massage chair (the type of this particular chair is exclusive to the JFK Elemis Spa) and I have the most revitalising facial ever. Its super enjoyable and I feel the aches and pressures of a round the world trip (and being subjected to the harsh cabin environment) falling away as my skin is gently restored to its former state. It’s the feeling of pure happiness.



I leave the spa area and head back to the Concorde Room for dinner.


Smoked Duck Breast, Frisee, Radicchio, Huckleberry Vinaigrette

IMG_5416 IMG_5420

The rich game flavour of the duck breast mixes with mild bitterness of the radicchio and the sweet tang of the vinaigrette for a lovely little starter to kick things off.

Organic Quinoa Croquettes, Roquefort, Parmesan Crisp, Basil, Carrot and Rutabaga


A wonderful mix of textures and some very dominant flavours, crispy rich cheese, fluffy puree of carrots and rutabaga and crunch of the croquettes.

Braised Colorado Lamb Shank, Truffle Chive, Potato Puree, Ratatouille, Charred Vine Tomato



This dish is the epitome of comfort food. Rich, fatty, fall apart meat with the fluffy inviting potato puree, the rich Mediterranean streak of the ratatouille, and juiciness of the tomato makes for a hearty dining experience.


They have their Wine List on ipad which is quite inventive compared to most airline lounges! I settle on a nice rich Bordeaux wine to pair with my dishes.


When you find a wine that you love it certainly is an exciting experience! This lovely Grand Cru had me at the first sip.


Its beautiful rich plum aromas which flows through to a wonderful meaty and deep earthy flavours with some light coffee and dark cherry hints in the finish. An excellent wine with sufficient weight and flavour to pair with the lamb and croquette.


My time here is never long enough – the boarding call chimes and soon I am on my way to board my flight to London.

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