Brisbane (Flight & Hotel)

The Flight

So I am off to Brisbane! Its such a beautiful city, so I am quite excited for my trip to the sunshine state. I race through check in and board my Qantas’ flight and once we’ve taken off I am privy to the best view ever….

If I gave the best artists in the world a million years with all the colours, oils and pastels and asked them to paint me a masterpiece… it wouldn’t never come close to the view from a plane.


Such is the beauty of being suspended in the air, disengaged from the world, gazing at the blue deep oceans and fluffy white clouds at 30,000 ft!

Novotel Brisbane 

I land in Brisbane and check into the Novotel Brisbane! It’s such a cool hotel, in the city, close the the Eagle St Wharf Dining precinct with a modernistic vibe. Here are some pictures of my room.



Breakfast in Bed

Now I have an early morning business engagement, so breakfast needs to be in my room by 6:30am (yes its and early start) and when it arrives I am famished!

Eggs en Cocotte Baked Eggs with salmon gravlax toast soldiers with a rich creamy hollandaise and a wild berry milkshake and a skim flat white. 


My heart instantly breaks into million pieces when I see my coffee in a paper cup… I am fine with takeaway coffees (I have one most days), but I was so looking forward to receive my daily caffeine overdose through a porcelain cup.

I recover from my hurt and place the beautiful tray on the plush hotel bed. I lie down and lift the silver lid to uncover the gorgeous Eggs en Cocotte. It’s beautiful baked eggs with fresh red tomatoes gazing back at you and oil from the salmon gravlax sparkling before your eyes in all their glory. The morning Brisbane sun joins the party, making its way through the curtains of the hotel room to paint the room a beautiful shiny glow. The anticipation deepens.


I scoop the eggs and place them on the salmon toast soldiers. The jelly soft whites and the runny yolks coat the soldiers beautifully. One mouthful and my “coffee in a paper cup” disappointment disappears, the rich creamy velvety yolks, combined with the jelly like texture of the egg whites, the silky oily salty smoked salmon and crunchy toast combined to make a sensuous dining. The rush of flavours, textures and the richness of the dish sew together to make me feel so alive. It’s overwhelming, I fall back on my push pillow absorbing every flavour and casting a dreamy gaze across the hotel suite.

If I could table a complaint, it would be that they they could be baked a little less. A softer yolk and white would have been a complete experience.


I then recover to sit back up and find the straw to start sipping on the rich creamy fruity milkshake. The hit of the diary and seed like texture of the wild berries fill my mouth the elevate the breakfast experience.


Last of all, the moment I wasn’t quite looking forward to… the coffee in a paper cup. I persevere to open the plastic top and notice the beautiful brown crema sitting on top as a swan glides on top of a lake… the grace and elegance of the crema on a coffee has no comparison.

I would describe this coffee as that old parable… do not judge a book by its cover! The coffee is so good, its velvety, creamy, silky smooth and has a full fresh espresso flavour. Oh my dear coffee in a paper cup – I am so sorry I misjudged you! You are amazing!

Filled with the rush of caffeine, I then pack my bags and check out of my hotel for the day ahead! This hotel is amazing, wish I could stay here longer! Here are some pictures of the pool and lobby!

The Pool (A tropical paradise overlooking Brisbane city)


The Lobby Bar 


The Lobby 


The Flight Back

Following a hectic and tiring day of meetings, I find myself in Qantas Lounge in Brisbane seeking refuge from a busy day. It’s so beautiful, sitting in the lounge sipping on a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with a hearty meal of braised Italian beef with a soft creamy polenta. Qantas – you’re the best!



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