Bread and Circus

So breakfast really is the go… I am desiring something that is whole (healthy and everything) but something that has a touch of decadence (like being on a plane)… so I find a little half away house away from it all. It’s a cafe and it’s got this canteen style (think school days without the girls skipping rope) set-up in an industrial warehouse… it’s called Bread and Circus.

It’s Saturday morning and I get there nice early (before 8am – yikes), find myself a beautiful seat and peruse through the menu. The waitress is just lovely and the service is efficient… setting the perfect mood for a weekend breakfast.

The Coffee 

I get the coffee to start things off and this provides the caffeine kick I need today (had such a late night so really needed it)


The Eggs 

I have the Parmesan not-so-scrambled eggs. These are biodynamic eggs with truffle oil,  under shaved parmesan with avocado, baby spinach, tomato, fresh herbs and sourdough.

IMG_20140426_074923 IMG_20140426_074938_1_1

Where do I start with this dish? The soft silky eggs, the pungent rich truffle oil, the creamy avocado, the juicy tomatos or the soft floppy baby spinach??

The eggs cannot be described… but I’ll try! Where do I start? The silky, velvety, “melt in your mouth & I wish this moment would last forever” texture or the buttery touch or the richness of the truffle oil which permeates the eggs to add that extra flavour and kick to the dish. I just love it….it’s the best! The avocado adds a lovely light cream flavour to offset the richness of the truffle while the juicy tomato, spinach each do their thing… the textures of the soft items and the crusty sourdough really has this dish firing on all cylinders.

The Juice 

In terms of juices, I go for their cold pressed juice called Something Green. It’s got kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, apple and lemon with some ginger. It’s amazing, having the sensation of the “Cold Juice Flow” through your mouth and the pulpy mix of the various fruits and vegs (each with a different size and texture) making the journey across your taste buds – it’s heavenly. But it’s the ginger that really does it for me (I couldn’t imagine this drink without it). The bitter, grungy ginger after-taste has me feeling on top of the world. I am like a school kid, casting an idyllic gaze across the canteen with the straw firmly in my mouth for the whole time… it’s so not the Travel Czar look (but anyway).


The ginger makes this the perfect palate cleanser before I start with my banana bread. I have another coffee to go with the banana bread.

The Banana Bread 

Then it’s onto the Banana Bread with spelt flour cardamom and cinnamon (toasted) with soft set raw honey.


It’s decadent, the rich tastey cake like dough of the flour and banana just migrate through the taste buds while the sugary spices in the dough make for a rich experience. The spread of the honey on the bread (which is not your typical processed honey, so difficult to spread) just rushes through the bloodstream to give you a sugary kick (and I definitely need it at that time in the morning). It’s such a heavenly feeling!! I love this.

So Bread & Circus! Amazing food, fun, staff and a nice balance between decadence and wholeness. Love this place.


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  1. OMG these people really know how to put together the king of breakfasts! The eggs alone would be worth a plane ticket to wherever this place is. There are almost too many healthy foods to cram into just one meal. I think this would last me until well after lunch – lucky lucky you!

    1. It’s such an amazing place… It’s in Sydney (Australia), definitely worth the plane ticket. It’s got my style of whole food but top quality and decadence! Loved it

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