Blaq Piq

So its a lovely Saturday morning and I make my way down to a lovely little spot hidden away from Hyde Park down a little alley way. They serve a creative breakfast menu and the setting is pretty swish. Its a new café called Blaq Piq.

Here is how my visit unfolded… first a morning coffee to wake-me-up and then onto the dishes:

The Breakfast Plate

Smoked Salmon, 63° Eggs, Marinated Goats Curd, Horseradish Cream, Avocado and Rye Toast Soldiers


The rich oily, smoked Salmon engulfs the dish with its strong natural flavours, while the smooth creaminess of the avocado provides a mild flavour. The 63 degree eggs are amazing as they have a soft runny like touch but with some gelatine like firmness to hold it together. The yolk escapes the pouch easier than normal to dance across the plate leaving behind a golden yellow trail. Mixing it all together and spreading it on the of the rye toast soldiers is a treat. The thick creamy tart goats curd and bite of the horseradish provide additional flavour flows to zest up the dish.

IMG_2753 IMG_2761

Pandan Pancakes

Pandan Buttermilk Pancakes dusted with icing sugar with Coconut Ice-cream, Fresh Fruits, Coco de Nata, Pecan Crumble and Salted Coconut Sugar Syrup

IMG_2762 IMG_2764

The pancakes are fluffy on the inside with a crispy outer texture etched by the pan’s surface. The aesthetics of the pandan colour is lovely and its flavour is unique and gets full marks for creativity. The coconut ice-cream is decadently creamy and the rich juiciness of the fruits shine through with their natural flavours. The coco de nata has an interesting flavour with a firm texture notwithstanding its jelly-like appearance and the pecan crumble adds a crunchy smoky texture and flair to the dish. The streak of rich sugary tropical goodness flows from the sugar syrup with a light saline hint to balance it. The dish weaves the various flavours together oh so well for a decadent taste sensation.

IMG_2767 IMG_2771

As I leave I notice these home-made Nutella doughnut balls… um can this place get any better.


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