A postcard from Nice

As I sit here in Sydney I am experiencing nothing but nostalgia of my fond memories of Nice from recent trip to Europe… I realised I have been a bit sloppy in uploading all my photos… so I pulled together a little memoir of some beautiful pictures of this lovely place! Enjoy!

There is nothing more beautiful than staring at the expansive blue waters of the Mediterranean in Nice. Its dark blue colour, plus the white glow painted by the beautiful sun and the fluffy foamy waves is quite an experience. When you place that against a backdrop of the rocky Riviera terrain, lush green vegetation and picture perfect sky, then you have an unforgettable experience.

I won’t describe each picture to you as I think they capture the moment, although they unfortunately do not do the scene the justice it deserves.

You can also check out my review of a fine restaurant there – La Reserve, which was on the waterfront and is absolutely spectacular (La Reserve Review).

Left of the Port (Inlet)

IMG_20140729_102001 IMG_20140729_103125 IMG_20140729_103406 IMG_20140729_103415 IMG_20140729_103544



The Port



Right of the Port (Beach)


IMG_20140729_145420 IMG_20140729_145436 IMG_20140729_145737 IMG_20140729_162103 IMG_20140729_162107 IMG_20140729_162344 IMG_20140729_162447

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