A Day in London (Nordic Bakery and other things)

I love London, the streets are beautiful, the parks have the best views, there are some amazing restaurants and bars, the buildings have a story behind them plus it has this hip modern vibe to it… its an amazing city…and that’s before I start talking about the shopping.

I spend the first day roaming the streets to remind myself on its beauty.






I love Selfridges! Its an amazing department store with the amazing fashion, cosmetics, food & wine and its all under one roof. Most people love Harrods or Harvey Nicks but I am always a Selfridges boy at heart.


The Foodhall in Selfridges is a place of beauty! If you haven’t been, I recommend you pay it a visit. It has got everything a gourmet traveller could want. There is fresh succulent seafood from the North Sea:


A selection of Gourmet Cheese…


 Oyster Bar with a range of Champagne


Once I am finished drooling, I take wonder beyond my usual favourites and come across an interesting Biske Bar by Cutter and Squidge… so what’s a Biske I hear you ask? Well I find out its a biscuit/cookie that tastes like a cake which is layered with light buttercream, handmade jams or caramels for a dessert sandwich.


We start chatting to the girl and she offers us a sample of the peanut butter chocolate one… it’s a bit early for it but we accept the offer. Eventually I decide to have the Red Velvet. The experience is the combination of the amazing texture of the crumbly biscuit base paired with the rich soft creaminess of the buttercream. A truly decadent and rich taste sensation.

IMG_20140726_102444 IMG_20140726_102537_hdr

Nordic Bakery

Then it’s off to Soho to have some fresh bakery. It is actually difficult to find good coffee in London. I recall a Scandinavian bakery which I visited with a “swedish looking” friend last October (check out the review here).

We make our way through Soho and we arrive at the Nordic Bakery and find a table. I have a skim latte and the crema is oh so beautiful and the milky espresso base provides me with the morning caffeine hit one so desires even on holiday.


IMG_20140726_120518 IMG_20140726_120550

Then we move on to the favourite of all time, the cinnamon bun.IMG_20140726_120741

I am pretty much going to shameless plagiarise my last review of the cinnamon bun, as the experience didn’t change. The cinnamon bun is warm and there is a waft of bread and cinnamon hits my face, I then take a piece and when I make it through the crusty outside, I am greeted with the soft, warm, silky dough on the inside sandwiched between bits of smooth gravely cinnamon. The cinnamon populates my entire mouth, swimming through every taste buds. It’s lovely. Same as last time, it’s not a pastry it’s an experience.

My dining companion has their Blueberry juice to help cool from the European summer. I did seek some basic feedback and it was lovely.


French House



Then we make our way through Soho to the French House. It’s a little boutique French Bar which attracts a weird mix of British pub lovers, bohemians, francophiles and the Soho set. They don’t have a bar food menu on weekends, so we just opt for a glass of wine. The wine menu has some good value French wines and the place has a chilled vibe to it. The perfect way to kill a lazy weekend.


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