10 years of travelling – it’s all about the journey not the destination

10 years ago I joined the Qantas Frequent Flyer Program and took my first long haul flight to Europe. I couldn’t imagine the journey I was beginning, since then I have been across Europe & Asia, the USA, Middle East & Pacific. It’s been a beautiful journey!

Whether it is the indescribable joy of being on a plane for endless hours, the amazing dining experiences, casting an idyllic gaze across the beautiful planes on the tarmac, gazing at beautiful oceans across the globe or being curled up in a plush hotel bed waiting for the sun to rise…travelling has certainly enriched my life!

A huge thank you to my friends, cool strangers, flight attendants, chefs across the world and of course to Qantas & British Airways who made every journey so special… #loveyoutobits

Here is a collage of pictures from my travels (if you want to see all my main travel posts – you can check them out here)


Please enjoy & thanks for sharing the journey with me!

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