Concorde Room & British Airways (New York to London)

The Concorde Room (JFK)

I head off from my hotel to JFK for what is a relaxing drive across to the British Airways Terminal. I check in, then stop in the Galleries Lounge for an Elemis spa treatment, a beautiful back massage to ease the tension in my muscles. Hot stones are used to undo every knot and stiff joint. This is the perfect way to start the evening.

I then head through to the Concorde Room. The lounge is not as big as the one in London Heathrow, but it is beautiful. I just love it. I race in, hoping my favourite table (the one overlooking the runway) is available. There is no one there, so I place my bags and jacket over the chairs to save it for me.

I am brought a beautiful bottle of Chateau La Fleur Des Rouzes from Pommerol (2010). I lie back in my seat, gaze longingly at the beautiful British Airways aircraft and let the wine slide down my tongue. Every taste bud is awakened, my senses are dulled, I just couldn’t be happier.

IMG_00000967 IMG_00000959

I am brought the food menu and opt for the Shrimp to start, which is served on a beautiful polenta cake with some asparagus. The shrimp is cooked to perfection, retaining that fresh taste of the sea, firm but succulent texture and paired perfectly with the soft polenta cake. There is also a shot of cauliflower soup to taste.


The main for the day is a roast chicken stuffed with pear with red potatoes, purple cabbage and fig chutney. The chicken is so tender and succulent it slices cleanly. The pure white moist flesh of the chicken, its crispy skin, the sweetness of both the pears and fig chutney combine for an amazing dining experience. I am so into the dish, I take my eyes of the runway for a moment. That’s when I realise the dish has really got me.


I then hear my boarding call and make my way onboard my flight back to London. I wave goodbye to the Concorde Room, we spend so little time together, but when we do it’s quality time. I am so going to miss you.

British Airways First (New York to London)

Anyway, I move on! Once I’m on board, I am shown to my suite. I settle in with a glass of 5eme Grand Cru Classe Margaux (2007) from Chateau du Tertre in Bordeaux. Fantastic drop, the same as the one that occupied me on the flight to New York. I then sit back and watch some old episodes of Friends. It is absolutely hilarious.  Once we take-off, I have a light supper. To start, I have the poached king prawns, smoked aubergine and soy sesame dressing. Again, just like the Concorde Room, the prawns are magnificent.


Then I have the braised beef cheeks with celeriac mash and Port wine jus with some lovely baby carrots. Soft tender beef just falls apart as you cut it and the baby carrots are soft with a smooth buttery texture. It’s just a dream dish.


I just love sauternes and notice they have a bottle on board. So I have a glass Chateau Lamothe Guignard (2009) 2eme Grand Cru Classe from Sauternes in Bordeaux to set me off to sleep. The wine has the distinct taste of honey and barley sugars along with a ripe stone fruit aftertaste. Perfect!!


Then I sit back and have a lovely night’s sleep and am awoken as the plane touches down in London Heathrow. A warm breakfast (Eggs Royale) and a spa treatment awaits me in the beautiful British Airways’ Arrivals Lounge. Then I am off to Gatwick for yet another flight… the journey continues.



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