Terrior and the “Secret Bar”


It’s a late Friday night and I am due to meet a friend, who used to work at JP Morgan in Sydney and has since relocated to the New York office. 

My friend has suggested Terrior, noting it is a lovely bar with amazing wine and rustic Italian food. I agree with the location and we meet on a cold Friday night in the Lower East Side. It’s been months, so we lose no time catching-up on old goss, how things are going at our respective organisations, the industry and the rental prices of New York lofts. Basically everything virtuous and hedonistic.  ‎‎

Then it’s time to order. I go for a bottle of Nebbiolo. It is simply fantastic. Deep, concentrated flavours with light hints of spice flow through with a long, fruit-oriented finish. There is a light level of acidity to pair with rustic Italian food.


We also order some food. The tomato bread is legendary, soft fresh tomato puree on traditional baked Italian bread with a fresh hen’s egg yolk. The yolk is burst and runs through the tomato puree soaking the bread, the richness of the yolk, the firm crust of the bread, the soft dough and tangy tomatoes combine for a divine dining experience.


The chicken liver pate is lovely. There is nothing like spending a Friday night working through some soft rich liver spread on warm crusty bread. The dish is very classic, but a typical pate dish which doesn’t really need a detailed explanation. 


‎We then kick on to a couple of other bars, we chill, we chat, we drink! That’s how we role! We have a final bottle of Malbec and then call it a night and I manage to find a taxi to take me home!

PDT Bar 

It’s Sunday, my last full day in New York City. After spending the morning at C3 Manhattan and a Japanese BBQ, I head across to the lower east side of New York to catch-up with one of my best friends. He lived in Australia for a while and now resides in New York (He just moved there recently for an exciting new job). 

We meet-up and then head to a little hidden bar. The bar is a secret, so please don’t tell! It is within a phone booth, you hop into the booth and dial 1 and it opens into a bar. We do just that, but are unfortunately told the bar is full, but we’re next on the list. So we take a wander and are promptly called to tell us our seat is available.


We both sit at the bar, which has the decor of a hunting cabin. I order a pumpkin cream cocktail (which is amazing) and my friend orders a bacon washed whisky cocktail (the waitress notes that Bacon makes everything tastes good). We also order some waffle fries, which have a jalapenos and creamy cheese sauce. It’s decadent. The atmosphere is chilled and relaxed. I then have an orange sling which is fruity with the right strength to knock me back a bit. It’s turning out to be a civilised Sunday afternoon.


We then move onto a small wine bar nearby where we have some lovely french wine (I can’t remember the name – which is an indication of a good night out), some bresaola and chicken and pork terrine. The catch-up is amazing, we catch-up on everything that’s gone on for the last couple of years, politics, dining and career/industry stuff – there’s so much to catch-up on. We then finish off our conversation and bid adieu to‎ the bar and we head of separate ways, hoping we will reconnect soon, either in Australia or when I’m back in the USA.



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