Life of a Travel Czar

Life Was Meant to be Lived in the Sky

The Hotel So I have landed in New York (you can read about my flight across the Atlantic here) and I arrive at the gorgeous Conrad New York. I am greeted by its expansive lobby which has a modernistic space shuttle kind of décor. I…

Conrad New York (Hudson River Suite)




The Restaurant Some dining experiences are moments in time, others are a journey. My journey begins two months to the date when I called the reservations line for that coveted reservation. I reach them at 10:00am New York time on the dot but have to redial…

Per Se – 10/10




I eventually leave the comfort of the Concorde Room at London Heathrow (you can read my review of that here) to make my way on board for the flight to New York. Suite I make myself comfortable in the suite and am provided with a…

British Airways First Class (London to New York)




So I make my way from the Qantas First lounge (see my write-up here) and finally find myself in the Qantas First Suite where I will be spending the next ~24 hours. It is such a beautiful spot and the crew are super friendly as…

Qantas First Class (Sydney to London) 2016




The Journey Begins The chauffeur waits patiently in the rain as I pack my final mementos for my trip (its summer in Sydney and raining… I know what is with that?). I eventually make it to the car and get pretty wet in the process. Not…

Qantas First Class Lounge (January 2016)




Alaskan Crab Eggs Benedict with Carrot & Mint Juice The eggs are perfect – soft with enough firmness for touch bounce back, but once the fork pierces through the egg then the rich runny sticky yolk pours all over the crab and blends effortlessly with the rich…

Burnt Orange


So its early on Sunday – I feel like the cloud across the sun. I head down to Bondi for a lovely breakfast and I am feeling pretty famished actually. I settle on the breakfast tasting platter but first a wake-me-up coffee. Coffee The Breakfast Tasting…

Trio Café (Bondi Beach)


Coffee There is a wake-me-up of Will & Co’s coffee to brighten the eyes. The warmth of the coffee proves soothing to the gentle sea breeze which wafts in the café to give me a little goosebumps. The rich flavour of the coffee is simply…

Porch & Parlour (Bondi)


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